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smartpass, one interface for all smart cities

smartpass is the first citizen interface for large smart city projects. It provides a unified interface addressing all major citizen experience objectives, sensor data presentation, citizen identity and micro-payments

making citizen life simple

smartpass integrates with all major IoT platforms providers and sensor technologies (LoRa, nb-IoT), making sure that whatever technology provider you choose, sensor data will be presented in a clear and actionable way into your citizen's context

one app for all cities & one UI for all services

adopt a citizen centric smart city interface approach, avoid vertical apps and data silos, expose city data through open APIs and educate your citizens by providing constant value through actionable notifications and one click micro-payments

leverage the true potential of your IoT platform

deploy a smart city through quick wins that educate your citizens and deep integrate with your existing sensor management platform. Add layers on top of your infrastructure such as citizen identity, micro-payments and citizen rewards and benefits

modern IoT base station ready protocols that minimize investment

smartpass is certified to integrate with all modern IoT protocols such as LoRa and nb-iot, minimizing investment cost and providing easy to integrate low-energy, high-range sensors for all main purposes rewards and benefits for citizens

lora base station

nb-IoT base station


easy to install, non-vandalized, magnetic sensors, supporting both communication protocols


pluggable magnetic water metering sensor, no hardware installation needed


power consumption measurement sensor for self-metering with easy to deply current clip


ultrasound sensor to monitor your bin's waste volume, mountable undeneath the top


street lights managment sensor board with power, luminocity and humidity metering

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